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Wharf District Council Police Update: Late-Night Robberies; Assault; Increased Surveillance

Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy and Sergeant Ted Boyle, in attendance on behalf of Captain Fong, provided a police report at the November Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting.

There have been four reported incidents, three occurring in the vicinity of Coogan’s, located at 171 Milk Street:

Two late-night robberies outside of Coogan’s over the past month have involved a group of suspects previously spotted over the summer loitering in and around McKinley Square, prompting BPD at the time to deploy increased patrols. One was a patron who was robbed shortly after exiting the establishment. The other was an employee of Coogan’s who was robbed and assaulted after closing up and leaving the bar. These cases are currently under investigation.

Two arrests have been made in connection with this group, with the suspects originating from Fall River, MA and possessing lengthy criminal records including a history of robbery. The group is not suspected of being gang-affiliated or of having any motive other than preying upon late-night bar patrons.

Sergeant Moy reported that BPD has been in contact with Coogan’s and other businesses around the area as the group appears to be moving closer to the Financial District, due to the aforementioned operations conducted around McKinley Square during the summer. Community Service officers have engaged with these businesses in an attempt to increase surveillance with additional cameras and better illumination for darkened environments such as alleyways.

The third incident at Coogan’s consisted of a bar fight as well as a case of larceny. Patrons had left their purses only to find them gone upon returning. This has resulted in two separate citations. Both of these cases are currently under investigation.

The fourth incident in the report occurred on November 10th shortly after midnight. Officers arrived outside VisionWorks on 100 State Street where witnesses reported seeing a male victim bleeding from the neck. The victim is believed to be homeless and was later transported to a hospital to receive medical care. This case is currently under investigation.

BPD has reached out to local colleges and universities in an attempt to educate students new to the area of the need to practice situational awareness, and to travel in groups whenever possible if out late at night.

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3 Replies to “Wharf District Council Police Update: Late-Night Robberies; Assault; Increased Surveillance

  1. Saturday night on Broad St is becoming the new Combat Zone. I used to work near there and sometimes got out of work late. Walking through there was like being in the midst of a riot. Cops everywhere collecting drunken bums and tossing them into the wagons. A couple of Troglodytes locked in mortal combat, rolling in the gutter vowing to kill each other. I do remember walking through the Zone. Always great for entertainment.

  2. And now they want to convert sergeants wharf into open space can you imagine the crime that will happen again then.

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