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Neighborhood Council & Residents’ Association Support Forcella Extension

The North End/ Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) and the North End/ Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) both voted unanimously to support the extension of Forcella restaurant into an adjacent space at 37 North Square.

Floor plan for Forcella’s proposed extension into an adjacent space located at 37 North Square.

The restaurant presently occupies approximately 400 square feet with twenty-eight seats pre-COVID. Due to the current physical distancing requirements, Forcella’s existing space can only seat up to twelve patrons. With the extension, the business would be allowed to seat an additional twelve people.

“The expansion is really just something that’s crucial for them to have the ability to seat additional guests inside, especially with winter coming around,” stated Ryan Gazda, representative for Flagship Restaurant Group which operates Forcella.

According to the owners, Nino Trotto and Shannon MacGowen, the anticipated timeline for completion is about two months away. The restaurant expects to begin utilizing the proposed bar in March 2021.

Vacant for about twenty years, Forcella is seeking an alteration of premise of the adjacent space from the licensing board. The restaurant is not required to host any abutters meetings and is scheduled for an upcoming licensing board hearing on October 28th.