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Dock Square Garage Meeting Discusses Project Changes: Reduced Residential Units, 4″ Increase in Building Height

Proponents for the Dock Square Garage Project discussed the Notice of Project Change (NPC) filing followed by a Q&A at a recent Impact Advisory Group (IAG) session.

The project, located at 20 Clinton Street between the Haymarket Hotel (Parcel 9, under construction) site and Faneuil Hall Marketplace, directly across Surface Road from the Greenway’s Parcel 12, has attracted its fair share of discussion and debate over the past two years.

The Notice of Project Change now includes reductions in units and open space, and an increase in building height. Project team members James Gray, BK Boley, and David Kadish delivered a project brief and discussed these changes.

Project Brief on Parking, Residential Spaces, and Height Variances

There have been no significant changes to parking or to the number of available spaces.

There has been a reduction in residential units from 209 to 134, with none of 27 affordable units being eliminated. This change in unit composition means the total number of affordable units preserved has increased to 20% from the previous 13% preserved for affordability.

According to the project team, while previous plans were to potentially demolish the sixth floor and insert stackers on the fifth floor, the decision not to do so was based on both economic and environmental factors, specifically wanting to avoid excess debris in landfills.

The project has seen a slight increase in height from 124′ 8″ to 125′. Specific changes as far as project area and space can be seen in the slide below.

Exterior Design Changes

Boley debuted some new slides depicting exterior design changes for the project that cover several facets of the structure in progress.

Particular attention has been applied to the prow area at the front of the building, specifically altering the sculptural elements of the column in order for it to resemble “less of a pirate’s pegleg” and integrating it stylistically with water features and planters.

With material acquisition proving somewhat of a challenge due to COVID-19, Boley reported that a project mock-up is currently in development.

Questions and Comments

Marc Margulies from the WDC (Wharf District Council) asked whether or not graphics could be integrated on the ground floor level windows facing Clinton St. for wayfinding purposes, with the team responding positively to the suggestion.

Next Steps

The comment period for the project will end on October 26th, and written comments can be submitted online by clicking here.

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