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RUFF Dog Group Welcomes New Board Members

The RUFF North End Dog Group has announced four new members will join their Board:

Cristhel Lopez, Chairperson
Madeline Ugarte, Marketing
Alyssa Nations, Membership (also a writer for!)
Harrison Lebov, Esq., RUFF Legal

RUFF’s Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who work with the city, state, and community members to maintain the two dedicated parks in the North End—Richmond Street and Prince Street—for our four-legged friends.

RUFF also says a grateful farewell to Chairperson Ashley Seybold, who’s been with the group since early 2018. The RUFF team reflected on her efforts saying, “Every puppy got a welcome, every complaint was carefully attended, every suggestion considered, and any furry loved one who passed over the rainbow bridge was remembered.”

Issues and Reminders from RUFF

Curb the barking. RUFF asks that owners please curb excessive, prolonged barking from their dogs while in the park.

All dogs need to be licensed with the city to visit the park. Animal Control will be making random drop in visits to ensure COVID-19 guidelines are being adhered to and that dogs are licensed.

Separate small and large dogs. The different levels of the Prince Street dog park are designed to separate dogs by size for their safety. Owners are reminded to please follow these rules when using the park.

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