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Wharf District Council Police Update: Larcenies, Vehicle Break-ins, Disorderly Conduct

Boston Police Department (BPD) Sergeant Steven Moy, provided a police report at the August Wharf District Council (WDC) meeting.

July 27th 3pm, 126 State Street

Victim reported two Amazon packages valued at $40 containing an assortment of computer equipment stolen.

Bike Thefts:
August 15th and 17th, 85 East India Row

On August 15 at 85 East India Row a bicycle was reported stolen. Subsequently building security began maintaining surveillance around the bike rack. Two days later, on August 17 at 2pm, another bicycle theft occurred.

Upon viewing the surveillance footage, security was able to observe the suspect coming back onto the property and attempting to fiddle with a bike lock.

Police were called and upon arriving on scene consulted with the security manager who provided footage. Suspect was arrested and on booking inventory was found to possess an assortment of stolen items including four credit cards.

Vehicular Breaking and Entering:
August 1st 9pm, 70 East India Row

Two individuals were attempting to exit the Harbor Garage on 70 East India Row at around 9pm. Both individuals spotted the suspects, two males who were acting suspiciously. One individual began engaging with the suspects and an altercation ensued, during which time security was called. The two suspects fled the area, but a picture of the license plate was captured and shared with police. Detectives are currently investigating.

Vehicular Breaking and Entering:
August 8th 8pm, 70 East India Row

The victim, a nurse, upon returning to her vehicle found that the passenger side window had been broken into and a black bag containing medical equipment had been stolen. Currently under investigation.

Assault and Disorderly Conduct:
August 7th 12:30am, Milk Street

Officers responded to a reported assault occurring on Milk Street. Officers arrived on scene and the suspect began yelling profanities, stating that she’d been drinking all day and was off her medication. Shortly after being taken into custody, EMS was called and suspect was transferred to Tufts Medical Center for evaluation.

Drinking in Public, Disturbing the Peace, Carrying a Dangerous Weapon:
August 8th 5:40pm, 255 State Street

Officers were flagged down. Suspect had been spotted openly drinking in a public area—seated on a bench outside the New England Aquarium. Suspect was approached and a bottle of vodka was seized.

Initially let off with a warning, the suspect began acting belligerent, lunging at some families, yelling profanities, and racial slurs. Suspect later engaged officers in a small foot chase before being apprehended and placed under arrest for drinking alcohol in public and disturbing the peace.

A large knife was found in the suspect’s boot, resulting in an additional charge.

Disturbing the Peace and Outstanding Warrants:
August 12th 9PM, Christopher Columbus Park

Officers responded to a report of a half-naked individual laying on the grass. Suspect was sleeping and upon waking began behaving erratically. Suspect was arrested upon discovery of two outstanding warrants.