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Post-Crackdown Occupy Boston: War of Words and Money; Greenway Mobile Food Fest Postponed

After 141 arrests early Tuesday morning and the clearing by Boston Police of the 2nd encampment of Occupy Boston on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, a war of words has ensued about the measure of force used (or not), who’s right/who’s wrong and how much is being spent on police overtime and the cost to the Greenway Conservancy.

The Occupy Boston blog has been active with charges of excessive force used by Boston Police, according to the following statement: Boston Police Brutally Assault Occupy Boston

“dozens of police vans descended on the Greenway, with batons drawn, assaulting protesters and arresting more than one-hundred people”

Boston Police issued their own statement, posted on, saying they did what was necessary: Boston Police Department Supports Peaceful Protests – BPD Also Obligated to Maintain Order and Ensure a Safe Environment

“Although our officers faced active resistance from protestors including being spit on, our officers maintained a respectful, professional and proportional posture.”

Today, the Boston Herald quotes City personnel raising the issue of the public money necessary to support the Occupy Boston camp and eventually restore/repair the Greenway parks: ‘Occupiers’ dipping into Hub’s pockets

“The Occupy Boston protests could prove to be a costly budget-buster as the belt-tightening Hub is staring down a potential $2 million police overtime tab if the ever-expanding shanty town remains through the end of the month, a top city official said. … Meanwhile, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, which maintains Dewey Square, could be looking at its own staggering tab once the tent city is gone. It could cost as much as $125,000 to re-seed grass on the 25,000-square-foot plot of land, experts say.”

The $125,000 in grass restoration stated in the Herald article is massively overstated. The Greenway Conservancy told

“We just want to assure everyone that our estimates are $7,000- $10,000. Again, we are all mindful that every penny counts, but the order of magnitude matters.”

Lastly, the Greenway Conservancy made the decision to call off its Mobile Food Fest planned for this weekend, citing public safety concerns at Dewey Square. The Conservancy issued the following statement:


5 Replies to “Post-Crackdown Occupy Boston: War of Words and Money; Greenway Mobile Food Fest Postponed

  1. The police being paid overtime were harming the plantlife, supported by the images and videos we have been receiving. There is currently a donation website for those wishing to help with eventual rebuild efforts, and the movement has already agreed to do the reseeding.

  2. Agreed to do the reseeding or REIMBURSE the Greenway Conservancy the $5K to $10K it will cost them to reseed Dewey Square??? Isn't it convenient that Suffolk Journal has video of the police trampling the plants and not of the protestors who put up tents everywhere and then stood in a circle chain around it. Too bad "the movement" has decided it is OK to trample on the rights of the SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS aka the Food Trucks that were scheduled to participate in the festival this weekend and the rights of the public to enjoy THEIR park.

  3. One good rain storm or a night in the 30's and this whole event will be all but over. It's great for them when the weather's nice but a typical weather week in October will test their mettle.

  4. Matt – Today, I walked The Greenway like I do many days and nights, and met a fine young man employed by The Greenway Conservancy. To our great relief, the invaded parcel looked in stable condition. I am very happy that these recent events have shed light on the parcels that reach beyond The Waterfront. It is extremely complicated planting a variety of flora, and then meet each distinct plant, tree and flower need in a shared environment that also sets things together in a visually appealing way. I would encourage everyone to take a look what has been put together down there. The modern art installations are great, too. But I also consider it art how the fir trees were placed (across from the Boston Harbor Hotel).

    As for the police ruining the turf, let it be made clear that the police were responding and thus forced to get the protesters where they were. If a burglar enters my home and muddies my rugs, I am not going to fault the cops that enter to nab him for doing the same. Focus on the root cause is what I always say.

    Thanks for your great coverage of these events. Sadly, during this time, I guess the Dewey Square Parcel has pretty much been destroyed.

    Best, '


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