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Potential Looters Arrested on Commercial St. Alley

At about 9:19 PM on Monday, June 1, Boston Police officers made two arrests of potential looters, according to BPDNews.com, resulting in the recovery of multiple bricks and burglarious tools in the area of 160 State Street Downtown.

While on patrol in the area of Merchants Row in Faneuil Hall, officers observed two males in an alleyway on Commercial Street. With many of the businesses closed in the area, officers exited their cruiser to investigate the activity in the alleyway.

Officers approached the males and asked the males what they were doing in the alley, to which they responded that they were urinating. Officers continued speaking with the males, one of whom became increasingly nervous during the interaction. Officers subsequently located multiple brick particles from inside of the male’s sweatshirt. Officers placed the male in custody.

At the same time, officers located a black baton, a ten-inch hunting style knife, one full brick, and one partial brick inside of a backpack worn by the second male. The second male was taken into custody. Officers further located multiple bricks in the alleyway where the males were standing when officers happened upon them. 

Officers arrested the first male, Brendon Lennon, 27-years-old, of Dracut, and the second male who was wearing the backpack, Cameron Barakos 24-years-old, of Dracut. Both males are expected to be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of Possession of Burglarious Tools and Indecent Exposure.

3 Replies to “Potential Looters Arrested on Commercial St. Alley

  1. Probably the same two who looted Cafe Dello Sport! then ran to Commerical street after my guess. North End should get a few military down there for a bit every night or so. Maybe even a few people at each restaurant and corners just like the folks from the Bronx did.

  2. I’m glad they are reporting names and where these crumbs come from. As I suspected, they come here to take advantage of an over- extended police force and to steal all that they can. This is generallly the case everywhere.

  3. I’m lost confidence in the Mayor and losing it with the Police. It don’t take much to protect the North End. It was a shame to see a number of places boarded up, including the Fisherman club.

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