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NEW Health “Over the Bridge” Food Insecurity Program

For the past two years, the employees of North End Waterfront (NEW) Health have been funding an internal collection used to provide needy North End and Charlestown students with bags of food and fresh produce to bring home to their families.

Many things have changed since the appearance of COVID-19, but what hasn’t changed is the need for these families to have access to food.

During this period, instead of providing bags of produce, NEW Health employee volunteers at the North End and Charlestown locations will be distributing Star Market gift cards to these student families.

Please consider donating to this critical need. Donations can be made via credit card or PayPal at NEW Health’s Over the Bridge (Food Insecurity Program) donation page.

Donations can also be made by check, written out to NEW Health with “Over the Bridge” in the notation section. Checks can be mailed to:

North End Waterfront Health
 c/o Over the Bridge Program  
332 Hanover Street  
Boston, MA  02113

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  1. Just like Tip O’Neil stated, “All politics is local,” that’s what my donating, for the most part, is.
    Today I donated to these students/families by way of this fund.

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