Mask Orders Ready for Pick Up

Earlier this month, Maria the Dressmaker put her skills to work making masks to help with the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, Maria has been busy filling orders! Mask orders ready to be picked up are displayed in the image below. Fulfilled orders begin with those placed on April 11 – 13.

An envelope with your name on it will be pinned to the door at the studio at North Square. If possible, place payment in the envelope and slide beneath the door. A suggested contribution is $5 per mask, but the Crosstown Foundation for the Arts Inc. will cover the cost for anyone who needs it.

One Reply to “Mask Orders Ready for Pick Up

  1. A donation in the amount of $1,200 from someone who wishes to remain anonymous – who is financially unaffected by the shutdown and wishes to give back to the community – means the next 250 masks can be distributed free of charge!
    write to to request your (2) masks- you will receive a response when your order is filled, be patient as we are a few days behind.
    be safe and well and thanks! Maria and Sandro

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