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Eliot School Video Encourages Strength & Hope During COVID-19

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker announced on Tuesday, April 21, that schools would be closed for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19. Boston Public Schools, including the North End’s Eliot School, have been closed since mid-March.

Eliot School faculty have been collaborating and planning improved virtual learning experiences for the remainder of the year. Eliot staff members Alexa Hingston and Morgan Atkins compiled this video to share positive messages from the staff with the Eliot community during this time.

Eliot Principal Traci Walker Griffith shared a message of thanks to everyone in the Eliot community for their support. “We are truly grateful for your unwavering commitment to our school community over the past 5 weeks. We recognize that the extended school closure is challenging and unprecedented. We strive to get better everyday and your commitment to the Eliot keeps us the BEST public school in Boston.”

Principal Griffith went on to say, “We are so proud of our community and appreciative of your hard work. Remember we are stronger together!”