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Boston Harbor Now Launches Online Platform “Harbor At Home”

Boston Harbor Now has announced the launch of Harbor At Home, an online platform of video content created to help viewers form a stronger connection to Boston Harbor’s waterfront and Islands while life prevents them from physically enjoying these natural resources.

Harbor At Home uses art, culture, fitness, history, and nature as connection points for visitors to immerse themselves in the Harbor, waterfront, and Islands. 

“Though our normal, everyday lives have changed greatly over the past few weeks as we individually do our part to slow the spread of COVID-19, it doesn’t mean we have to lose our connection to these great natural resources we have nearby,” said Kathy Abbott, President and CEO, Boston Harbor Now. “The Harbor is still alive, full of opportunities for us to learn, grow, and connect with art, nature, and each other. Public access doesn’t have to mean only physical access. We’re launching Harbor At Home so people of all ages, from children to the retired, can enjoy all that the Harbor has to offer wherever they may be.”

The platform’s content is created by Boston Harbor Now’s community partners, many of which are small businesses and organizations that have been among those hit hardest by social distancing and shelter-in-place restrictions. In years past, these partners have been the leaders in creating unique experiential opportunities to connect with the Harbor, waterfront, and islands.

“As we thought about who we could work with to develop these virtual connections to the Harbor, we quickly realized the best place to start was with the organizations we’ve worked so closely with in the past,” said Abbott. “This is our way to show our support to those organizations and help them still showcase their services and programming in a challenging time. It’s a mutual win for community residents and the community organizations creating the content.”

Today at launch, Harbor At Home contains video content from community organizations like Piers Park Sailing Center, the Veronica Robles Cultural Center, and the USS Constitution Museum. The platform will continue to be updated with new videos from other organizations on a weekly basis.

Harbor At Home can be accessed at

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