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RUFF Visits the Eliot School Daisy Girl Scouts [Photos]

The Eliot School Daisy Girl Scout troop spent Thursday afternoon on the Prado with RUFF, Responsible Urbanites for Fido. North End dog owners, Sarah, Holly & David, stopped by to teach the girls about the responsibilities that come with owning a dog in the city. The Eliot School Daisy Girl Scouts are led by North Ender Jodi Piazza.

The stars of the visit were the dogs: Jackson, Chase and Snacks who enjoyed all the attention (and doggie treats). The girls had a lot of fun learning about dogs and how to be a responsible dog owner! As you can see from the photos the girls learned about the right way to approach the dogs, pet them and even learned about cleaning up after them. ūüôā

Submitted by Isabella Vicari. Find out more about the Eliot K-8 Innovation School

Find out more about RUFF North End Dog Group

6 Replies to “RUFF Visits the Eliot School Daisy Girl Scouts [Photos]

  1. Thank you, RUFF and Jodi Piazza for an enjoyable afternoon meeting with the friendly pups! And Matt for sharing on the site!

  2. Thanks Matt for posting this. The troop is also let by another fantastic Eliot school mom, Lori Glazier, who lives in the West End. She happened to be out of town that day. A special shout out to Sarah, Holly and David. They are certainly responsible dog owners-and fantastic neighbors.

  3. Love Jodi and Ruff and Girl Scouts! Thank you for making this neighborhood a better place!

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