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Boston Public Market Pop-Up Outdoor Market is Open!

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Boston Public Market (BPM)’s pop up Outdoor Market is open as the BPM strives to continue to be a resource for our community with fresh, local food and to support our small business vendors!

Outdoor Market Details
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
Time: 11AM – 3PM
Location: Outdoor Plaza (along Surface Road) at 100 Hanover Street by Haymarket Station

While the above is subject to change based on weather and circumstances, the BPM will continue to offer regular updates on scheduling and vendors via their Instagram each morning the Outdoor Market is expected to open. For the safety of everyone, all stalls will be arranged six feet apart and a hand washing station will be provided.

Additionally, online ordering and delivery service remains available, with same or next-day delivery available for most.

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3 Replies to “Boston Public Market Pop-Up Outdoor Market is Open!

  1. When BPM was first being discussed, one of the possible negatives was its effect on the Haymarket. BPM’s Outdoor Market may perform an excellent service but if the Open Market kills the Haymarket, the North End will lose one of its most iconic and useful institutions.

    1. you are talking about apples and oranges. Haymarket has survived the existence of the BPM since it opened. They have two different target markets and except for a few items like citrus during the wintertime, they do not compete. The pop-up market is in response to the COVID 19 virus as a way of allowing vendors to offer their products to customers without having to deal with the indoor crowds.

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