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Greenway Celebrates Chinese Zodiac with 6th Annual Art Installation

The Greenway Conservancy’s 6th Annual Chinese Zodiac Public Art installation, A Mouse with Ears & Tail, by artist Furen Dai, has been installed in front of the Essex Street Gate in Chinatown.

Dai’s artwork explores the experience of viewing a Chinese character from both a native and foreign perspective, encouraging both Chinese speakers and non-Chinese speakers to see “mouse” when viewing “鼠”.  In this work, the small mouse of the ancient Oracle bone script races around the contemporary SimSun font, which is in turn transformed into a cartoon mouse figure blinking and beckoning us in with its warm, neon glow.

The installation will run from February 2020 through January 2021.

“A Mouse with Ears and Tail is a visually stimulating take on the study of Etymology, through the use of neon; serving as a catalyst for engagement and understanding in a historic community such as Chinatown,” said Lucas Cowan, Greenway Conservancy Curator of Public Art. “We’re excited to celebrate the history, connections, and values that each installation brings to both the residents of Chinatown and the many visitors throughout The Greenway.” 

Each year a new artwork is installed in this location to celebrate the culture, history, and traditions of the Chinese New Year and the Chinatown community through the ideas and expressions of contemporary artists. Last year, Elliott Kayser’s ceramic pig sculptures celebrated the Year of the Pig.

A Greenway Artist Meet & Greet event with Furen Dai will take place on Tuesday, February 25, from 5:00–7:00 p.m. at Radian, 120 Kingston St, Boston, MA 02111.