Event Notices

Public Art Unveiling at Harbor Islands Pavilion on Greenway – May 31, 2012

Harbor Islands Pavilion

Just in time for the summer season, the Boston Harbor Islands will be debuting a new public art installation along the waterfront next Thursday, May 31st at the Boston Harbor Islands Pavilion on the Greenway!

Boston CyberArts, National Park Service, and Boston Harbor Island Alliance are partnering to sponsor the installation of a video piece – “Cycles, Tides and Seasons” – to be portrayed on the LED screen at the Pavilion. The video installation, created by artist Ben Houge, is based on harbor data collected by the National Park Services. Houge drew from real-time oceanographic information, then superimposed data on three different time scales. The installation not only marks the second commissioned work to go into the Pavilion, which opened just last summer, but is also an innovative use of thousands of hours of data that might otherwise go unnoticed.

The “unveiling” event will be held the evening of the 31st from 8-9pm at the Pavilion, and newly opened Nix’s Mate (whose name ties it to the Harbor islands) will be serving beverages for guests.