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Neighborhood Council Supports Boston Bottle Change in Alcohol License

Boston Bottle owner Daniel O’Connor presented his petition to change the off-premise alcohol license for his 372 Commercial St. shop from beer and wine to all alcohol at the January North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting. The council voted unanimously to support the change.

The reason for this petition, as explained by O’Connor, is twofold: 1) over the last seven years his customer base has asked for high-end spirits to be for sale at the store; 2) in the last few years many large, corporately owned box stores have emerged, making it hard for small retail shops to survive.

O’Connor, who has also been a resident of the North End for 15 years, spoke about his pride for the neighborhood and noted that Boston Bottle is an active part of the community. He emphasized that, with this license, he would like to support boutique, high-end distilleries. He would not be carrying handles or small nips of alcohol.

The Boston Bottle business hours will not change. The store will continue to close at 9 p.m. on weekdays, 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

NEWNC President Brett Roman asked about other liquor stores nearby. O’Connor estimated the closest liquor store to Boston Bottle would be Hanover Wine & Spirits.

NEWNC Vice President John Pregmon spoke in support of Boston Bottle, saying that O’Connor came before the council years ago and has kept to his word. Pregmon also confirmed the shop is in an area that is not served by other liquor stores.

One audience member asked what percentage of the retail space would be used for liquor. O’Connor explained it would be a small section of three shelves.

NEWNC council member Tania Green added a comment that Boston Bottle has always supported other small businesses.

The Council voted unanimously to approve the change in alcohol license.

5 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Supports Boston Bottle Change in Alcohol License

  1. Golden Goose Market has a full liquor store and is the same distance as Hanover Liquors. Cirace on North St is maybe a tenth of a mile farther away.

    1. What’s your point? The Neighborhood Council also supported Chase Bank at the corner of Salem and Cross Streets even though Bank of America, Century Bank, Citizens Bank, and Santader are all about the same distance away.

      Also consider that Bottles is owned by and employs North End residents. Something that’s not true of any of those banks – or most of the restaurants or other establishments in the NE.

      The Council did good in supporting this petition.

      1. MY POINT ADAM is that the owner made it sound like there was only one liquor store close to his while there are three. Alcohol licenses and banks are apples and oranges.
        I don’t really care if they got an all alcohol license or not. I do care when business people and developers are not honest when they present to neighborhood groups so they can get support.
        The Council should not be a rubber stamp for anyone

      2. NE resident is right! You are comparing apples and oranges!

        #1. how do you know who works in the restaurants and banks in the north end? You take a census? Why does it even matter?

        #2. The restaurants and banks in the neighborhood have dozens of employees. What’s a liquor store have? A cashier? They have one person in there every time I go.

        #3. Were gonna start comparing liquor stores to banks?

        It’s nice to support local business and I’m happy that bottles got a full license. I just don’t know where people like Adam come up with all the nonsense that they post on this board.

      3. I am happy bottles got their license.

        But your point about “north end restaurants and other businesses not hiring residents” is absolutely absurd.

        I am a restaurant employee and Most restaurants in this neighborhood have plenty of residents (original north Enders and new comers) as employees. The list is to long to write.

        Actually Adam, how would you know even know if restaurants hire residents or not? It seems like you may be referring to the dozens of immigrants that work in our restaurants. It seems like that may be the issue for you.

        This neighborhood was founded by immigrants. I am proud of the immigrants our neighborhood employs. They are good paying jobs and help these immigrants get started in this great country.

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