The Saturday night snowstorm took out power in parts of Downtown Boston, including the North End, as multiple manhole covers exploded. Eversource was on the scene at Thacher, North, and Union Streets along with Boston Fire Department, according to @LiveBoston617.

h/t Universal Hub

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  1. Who knows what lies beneath? Old city, old infrastructure. What’s to be done? Our hands are tied, but our feet are not….avoid walking on manhole covers !

  2. You are right Heather, but sometimes the manhole covers could be covered by snow. The City is
    on an all time high & as far as I am concerned, they are just not doing enough. Our hands are not
    tied & neither are our Mouths. Strength is in numbers & this neighborhood doesn’t come together
    like Beacon Hill or Charlestown. Shame on us.


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