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Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office Talks Substance Abuse [Video]

As part of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) “Community Chat” program, the group invited the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office to answer questions regarding substance abuse, homelessness and other cases that impact the community.

North End resident, Jessica Frattaroli, Asst. District Attorney in the Suffolk County office, addressed the council with information on how the DA’s office handles various cases. She explained how new policies by DA Rachel Rollins are being executed in the criminal justice system. Specifically, low level crime cases, such as drug possession, are not being prosecuted in some cases, such as for first time offense. A discussion ensued regarding how the community can help address the substance abuse crisis.

The issue of needles on the streets was raised and whether the neighborhood should have a safe use / disposal site. Recently, the Boston Police addressed the needle issue in response to the case where a child was pricked. As an ADA, Frattaroli works primarily on felony cases, but gave some examples of how substance abuse and its public health consequences are being handled in cooperation with social service agencies.

View the above video for the full discussion.

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  1. Long winded answer to a basic question. What do we do? Answer: Not much. John Kerry as Suffolk County Assistent Atorney prosecuted 0 (that is Zero) cases. This is only a platform future political careers. All I hear is police arrest them, we drop them and put them back into the neighborhood.

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