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NEWNC Unanimously Supports 173 Endicott Street Development [Video]

The highlighted agenda item for the North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting was the controversial development proposal at 173 Endicott Street in Boston’s North End. The proposal was voted down at the recent North End Waterfront Residents Association (NEWRA), but recent changes to the design proved to appease the council members of NEWNC.

The proposal is for a five story building with 9 total condo units, 4 of them being studio apartments, all of them to be owner occupied.

Abutters have expressed concerns over parking, with the original proposal calling for 7 parking spots that utilized stackers to fit that number of cars, while the latest proposal eliminated the stackers and kept just 4 parking spots that will be deeded to the condo units.

There was feedback from neighbors that the bay windows protruded too far out over the sidewalk, so the latest proposal took the 36 inch bay windows and shortened them to 18 inches, resulting in a total loss of 450 square feet. Abutters wanted the building to fit in more with the neighborhood, so the architect reduced the floor to ceiling windows, and added more brick to the design.

The height of the building on the newest plan showed a reduction in heigh from 55 feet to 51 feet, making it even with the building directly next door.

After addressing the concerns over the two private roofdecks the conversation turned to the planned 12 to 14 months of construction, in which the developer noted that they will make arrangements to not interfere with the famous St. Anthony’s Feast that takes place on the corner where this proposal is located.

All of these changes to the design ultimately lead to a unanimous vote of 6-0 in favor of the development.

One Reply to “NEWNC Unanimously Supports 173 Endicott Street Development [Video]

  1. As I said before, the Bottom Line is the City. The City does not care about anyone’s quality of life, nor do they
    care if you lose sunlight & they don’t even care if someone’s basement has structural damage due to
    construction. The City will NEVER give up the Real Estate Tax Revenue this project will take in.
    Boston is on an all time High at everyone or anyone’s expense. The City can’t get enough, it is called
    “Greed”, not progress. I happen to think this is a great looking building, but I don’t think the affects it
    will have on the Abutters is great at all. The Mayor is a Union guy & the construction workers have never
    been happier. We are surrounded by High Risers with outrageous rents & now they want to enforce
    Rent Control, what a Joke. This is only the beginning.

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