Greenway Beer/Wine Garden, Seasonal and Funding Updates [Video]

The March 2017 North End Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) meeting featured an update from Greenway Conservancy Chief of Staff, Michael Nichols. Watch the full video which includes introductory remarks and reports from council executives.

Searching for additional revenue, the Greenway is currently taking bids to operate a wine and beer garden in the Wharf District area of the park. So far, bids have been received from several hotel operators, breweries, and catering companies.

The Greenway carousel will open for weekends starting March 31st and the Conservancy is planning to offer another Summer full of free fitness classes, countless festivals, free events, and more. Nichols announced that even though food trucks are available year round on the Greenway, a new season will be begin April 1st and will bring new trucks to the park.

The conversation turned to concerns with the lack of funding for the Greenway, particularly for their dependency on $2 million of annual state funding (16:14 in the video). Nichols maintained that throughout the country, there is no other park of this size that doesn’t depend on some type of government funding. The lease for the Rose Kennedy Greenway conservancy ends June 30, 2017. The State and Conservancy are currently negotiating a renewal. [See Greenway Funding on the Ropes]

The next NEWNC meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 10 at 7:00pm.