North End Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Community Liaison Michelle Jones and Administrator Sami Almadi presented the center’s renovations as well as its services at the Neighborhood Council November meeting.

The North End Rehab Center, located at 70 Fulton Street in the North End, has been owned and operated by Marquis Health Services for one year as of November 1, 2018. Previously, the facility was the Spaulding Nursing & Therapy Center owned by Partners Healthcare.

The facility provides both short-term and long-term care. It is a four-story building with three floors dedicated to patients and the ground floor dedicated to rehab and offices. Since the takeover, Marquis initiated a major renovation effort. The second floor unit has recently been completed, and North End Rehab is hosting a turkey trot this weekend to allow community members to tour the renovated space.

Sami discussed the different hospitals they receive referrals from, vendors they work with, and other on-site services they provide in the video above. He also shared renderings of what the renovated space will look like, beginning at 6:55 in the video.

The second floor will have 11 private rooms and the rest will be semi-private rooms. There will be 29 private rooms on the fourth floor, which is halfway renovated at this point.

North End Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center continues to have about 50 patients in and out every month and it’s been running smoothly. They will continue to operate with 100 beds.

Questions begin at 10:13 in the video.

Council member Sean Hennessey asked if they had to decrease patient load in order to work on the renovations. Sami said the previous owners had 140 beds; North End Rehab has only 100 beds so that has allowed them to continue to operate. Having less beds also allows them to have more private rooms.

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