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Tagger Shown in the Act on Commercial Street

Following up on our “Where’s the 311?” post regarding new grafitti tags in the past week, Adam from DJ Management shares these photos from a video camera outside their Commercial Street property. The photos show a tagger spray painting while holding a skateboard. “He hit a ton of properties on Friday between midnight and 1am,” adds Adam.

311 Photo of Tagging at 30 Battery Street

4 Replies to “Tagger Shown in the Act on Commercial Street

  1. I saw some comments on another post blaming local North End kids for this spray painting with absolute no proof. Well, the evidence is out and obviously not a local kid.

    I’ve lived in this neighborhood for quite some time and I don’t think I have ever seen a local kid spray painting and tagging. Not really something they do around here.

    1. Might want to distribute the photos to the local colleges so they can show parents how they have wasted their money.

  2. North End kids do skateboard. Why not? Slye Park is fertile ground for our skateboarders ! I see them and hear them. I wonder if ‘outsiders’ come to the North End to skateboard? M-m-m-m-m And why would a non-local be in the neighborhood carrying a skateboard around at midnight, just spray painting away !

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