6 Replies to “Tagger Hits North End’s Henchman Street

  1. I hope the police put forward a diligent effort in finding this guy. I see it happening moor and more in the North End. It’s incredibly destructive and expensive to repair. When it isn’t repaired it downgrades the neighborhood and gives our community a slum like look. Nice!

  2. Maybe his mother wouldn’t allow him to write on the walls when he was little and he is making up for it! Defacing property is a crime. If he is caught he should remove the paint himself.

  3. I just want to say I am really happy that there was a camera on when this act took place. I can’t say it enough
    how important it is for all property owners to have cameras. Hopefully, someone will be able to identify him soon.

    1. Image is very blurry. Maybe not clear enough to compare to mug photos. Let’s face, this guy is probably in the book somewhere. Real bright boy, painting in daylight in front of a camera.

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