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Eliot Students Win First Place in Math League Competition

Eliot School students showed off their math skills at a recent competition in which they placed first in the Elementary School division!

Photo courtesy of the Eliot School.

The Math League competition was hosted at the Eliot Upper School in Boston’s North End.

In grade 4, Ryan placed fourth, Julian placed third, Preston placed second and Declan claimed first place. In grade 5, Jared placed fourth, Jackson placed third, Jerry placed second and Angela placed first. In grade 6, Sophia placed fourth, Sophie placed third, Kate placed second and Rahul placed first.

Eliot School Principal Traci Walker Griffith also shared a special “shout out” to Ms. DiSarcina for coordinating this exciting event for our community. Congratulations to all the mathematicians!

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  1. Is there some reason the last names of the winners are not used in this report? Telling us “Ryan placed fourth” for 4th grade doesn’t tell us much.

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