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Second Water Main Break on Richmond St.

Residents and business owners on Richmond Street in the North End can’t catch a break as a second water main burst sent water spewing down Richmond St. between Hanover and North Streets on Thursday morning.

As of approximately 8 a.m., Boston Water and Sewer Commission was working to repair the 8-inch water main near 150 Richmond Street. Some residents and businesses were without water until a bypass could be implemented. This is the second water break to occur on Richmond St. in the past week.

5 Replies to “Second Water Main Break on Richmond St.

  1. Can’t catch a break? I know that was a pun but….they are digging in nearly the exact same space as last week. So are taxpayers paying for this again? How does the city pay for this break? If I got a broken pipe in nearly the same place at my home, I’m not paying the plumber for the second repair….

  2. Don’t fix the broken pipe. Marty and the City could bring in gondolas and tell the tourists their in Venice and charge a fee for the gondola ride.

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