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Italo-American Teens Participate in Sulmona’s Giostra Cavalleresca

This past July, Christiana Ohannessian, from Stoneham, MA and Alessandra D’Eramo from Tiverton, RI, both granddaughters of Prezzani immigrants to the United States, spent two weeks discovering their Abruzzese roots. They were honored to participate in Sulmona’s Giostra Cavalleresca, a medieval-style celebration with includes parades and jousting tournaments, held every summer in the city’s main piazza.

The Giostra is an ancient tradition which was revived in 1994 and now forms the highlight of the city’s entertainment calendar attracting visitors from all of Italy and beyond. Giostra representatives from Sulmona will be marching in Sunday’s Boston Columbus Day Parade, which winds its way through the North End.

Christiana and Alessandra proudly represented their adopted Sulmona neighborhood of Santa Maria della Tomba. Come see some of these gowns and costumes this Sunday at the Columbus Day Parade, which starts at 1 p.m. To learn more about Sulmona’s Giostra Cavallaresca visit

Photos by Rossella Ciurlia from Sulmona.