14 Replies to “Bike Stunt Vandals Cut Benches in Gassy

  1. Once the kid who was arrested give up his friends…and he will….make all of the parents pay for the repairs. And list the parents’ names……

    1. Looks like the cutter used portable Acetylene. Not cheap stuff. Should have a good lawyer.

  2. Thank you to the person who took these photos and called the police. Let’s hope punishment includes paying for the expense of the benches and staff time to repair them.
    So incredibly selfish. Were they posting it for their youtube channel???

  3. Wonder if they were North End kids or out of towners like the ones who come in on the train to skate board in our parks and destroy the walls and harass pedestrians?

  4. They cut some bolts at bottom of bench. Not the end of the world. We need more places for teenage kids to bike and skate in the city. Riding a BMX bike or skateboarding are good healthy activity that we should encourage. This is better than shooting dope and taking pills in the park. We see lots of that.

    1. Using your logic, there’s a tree blocking my view when I look out my window . Think I’ll get a chain saw and cut it down.

    2. It’s vandalism. I think we all support kids doing healthy activities, but not when it’s destructive or puts others at risk. People can’t use the park as intended when kids are grinding on handrails or jumping off stairs. There’s a place for that and the Gassy isn’t it.

  5. “They cut some bolts at bottom of bench. Not the end of the world.” Seriously? It’s vandalism and lack of respect for others. Same with the skateboarders that try to take over Rachel Revere Park/Columbus Park or the bicyclists that ride on the sidewalks. They put others at risk.

  6. Back in the glory days of the north end this stuff would never happen,,and it would’ve been handled with street cred

    1. totally right…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some one would have beat the s—t out of them and that would be it case closed.

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