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Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: DeFilippo Garden on Prince Street

Spring flowers are exploding in all the neighborhood parks, including this pocket DeFilippo Garden at the “Gassy”. 

How to play: Move and drag the pieces around just like a regular jigsaw puzzle. When two pieces are connected, they will click together. If you are “missing” a piece, move the other pieces aside to look behind them. Helpful guides can be found in the lower left icons. Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time!

2 Replies to “Jigsaw Picture Puzzle: DeFilippo Garden on Prince Street

  1. Maryann does such a great job of this little garden~~~~God Bless Ya Girl !!

    Maryann has received the Good Neighbor Award for the work she puts in to help beautify the neighborhood ! Thank You again, Maryann !

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