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Reader Poll: Will You Shop at the New North Station Star Market?

Postcards were distributed last week advertising the official scheduled opening of a Star Market at the new Hub on Causeway at North Station on September 20.

North End / Waterfront residents have been asking for a grocery store in the area for many years. Since Stop & Shop closed on Cambridge Street in 2003, the resident-based North End / West End / Beacon Hill Supermarket Committee has been working with city officials and developers toward an affordable supermarket as an alternative to Whole Foods.

While many community members seem excited about Star Market opening so close to the North End, others expressed in the comments that they worry the store will have high prices due to its location, and that it will still be difficult to get a bulk of groceries home in such a congested area.

What do you think? Will you shop at the new North Station Star Market? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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20 Replies to “Reader Poll: Will You Shop at the New North Station Star Market?

  1. Star and Shaw’s are the most expensive and worst supermarkets in the state and at that location you know their going to “soak” their customers. I’ll still “hoof” it to Market Basket in Revere or Chelsea or the one in Waltham.

  2. I will definitly give it a shot. although Market Basket in Chelsea is still a good place to shop.

  3. It’s a wait and see. They are there. Whether they are out to scalp we will have to see. They tried a Roach Bros in Downtown Crossing and all it had was wine and cheese. Have see whether this a real grocery store or a Whole Paycheck look alike.

    1. The Roche Bros in Downtown Crossing has much more than wine and cheese and is thriving. Have you ever been there? For those of us who do not own cars to get to Market Basket or do not feel like schlepping from DTX or cannot afford Whole Foods for everything, having a supermarket within walking distance is something we have waited over a decade to happen.

    2. Roche Brothers is much more than wine and cheese. I buy much from that store, since Whole Foods does not have certain, well-known items I like, and the other supermarkets are too far. I find Roche’s pricey, but it has the items I need and want.

  4. People are so funny. Already complaining that it’s not X or Y. It’s a full-size, full-service chain supermarket within walking distance. That is a huge option for those of us who don’t care to, or can’t, drive to X or Y. I’ll take it and I’m super stoked about it!

  5. Currently I walk to Whole Foods in Charlestown or Beacon Hill, or to Roche’s in DTX. I do not drive to the grocery store so it’s awesome to have another option nearby. Of those three stores, btw, I find Roche’s to be most expensive (and it certainly has a lot more than wine and cheese).

    1. If you don’t drive your choices are slim & none. What does Whole foods and Roache’s charge for a head of lettuce 12 dollars? 😆

      1. If you’ve never been there and don’t know what they charge, you really shouldn’t be commenting. Particularly since Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon, I find their products to be much more reasonably priced. There are a lot of us who are happy not to drive and are happy with the options that are popping up around us (I’m also looking forward to the Trader Joe’s opening up at Fort Point).

      2. Roche has more varieties of cheeze than butter. Butter costs about the same as their cheeses. I went there after they first opened and just walked out. Never been back since. Maybe my parting remarks helped.🤑

        1. You should go back. Roche’s has doubled in size since it first opened and has pretty much anything you would want.

  6. Y is everyone complaining? Go and see for yourself if you don’t like the prices, don’t go back, but in a pinch it will be worth it so give it a try and a chance!

  7. I completely agree with Joyce that Roche Bros @ DTX is the best grocery option within walking distance of the NE. Definitely more expensive than MB or S&S, but consistently cheaper than the Goose or Whole Paycheck (who isn’t?!). Star Mkt will have its hands full trying to compete with the quality & value @ RB.

  8. I can’t wait for the opening, I hope Star Market will be affordable for us locals who don’t own a car, perfect location. WF is so expensive. Star will give us a close grocery store in walking distance and I think it will be amazing !
    I haven’t received a post card but hope there will be great opening discounts for us residents.

    1. Definitely Harry’s has the best cheese! That’s the only place I shop for cheese. And I go to the Halal shop next door, and the Boston Public Market, and Alba’s. But there are some things for which you need a supermarket. I’ve found that WF has gotten less expensive esp if you have the app and tie it to your Amazon account. Roche’s is the most expensive for me within the walking radius. But it’s great to have options and I’m looking forward to checking out Star as well.

  9. The residents of the North End, West End, Beacon Hill and Downtown have so many shopping options in walking distance. We have our great local stores, salumeria and vegetable shops and now we can choose between Whole Foods, Roche Brothers and Star Market. Options for everyone!

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