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Reader Poll: How’s it Going with the New Star Market?

It’s been almost two months since Star Market at the Hub on Causeway opened its doors, ushering customers into its 600,000 square-foot space. In addition to groceries, the supermarket sells prepared meals and hot foods; beer, wine, and spirits; and features a convenience store and Starbucks.

Some readers like the new supermarket, commenting that the Star Market is a “fantastic store, incredible selection” and that it is “big and has everything.” Others have expressed some dislike, saying the location is intimidating and does not entice them to shop there. The cost of parking encourages some to continue shopping at places where parking is free.

What do you think? How’s it going with the new Star Market on Causeway Street? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below!

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19 Replies to “Reader Poll: How’s it Going with the New Star Market?

  1. Would be cool if they hired or connected with a Pedicab company and just have a bunch of them waiting outside in case the groceries too heavy to carry back to N End.

  2. The most convenient thing to happen to me since moving to the North End five years ago. Just LOVE it. One thing that scares me is that it always seems to be *empty* … worried they would close cause they don’t get enough traffic.

    1. Give it time with the construction going on and the redevelopment it will only get bigger and more crowded. WE will be big again espically where Joe Paces/the nail and laundry mat is.

  3. Well most people aren’t going to pay $30 to park or take a cab to shop . Location, location , location.

      1. I don’t appreciate people telling me where to shop and to walk to Star Market. If you like the new store good luck to you. I shop at Market basket because of their prices and their owner Arthur Demoulus who after a long dispute with his family is now running the business. The workers supported him during their long strike a few years ago and were rewarded by a guy who cares for his workers and treats them with respect .

        1. Shopping somewhere because you prefer their labor relations is different than complaining about the cost of parking/taxis. Nice strawman though!

  4. Love the new Star Market; the pricing is reasonable and the selection is great. There are so many reasonable organic options! It’s easy to walk there from the North End. I don’t have a vehicle so I make small trips when I need certain things. I buy food and necessities from many places in Boston (Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Boston Public Market, Haymarket) but it’s so nice to have a conventional supermarket nearby. I’m old enough to have been to the old Boston Garden (many times!) and it tickles me that I can now food shop in the basement of the Garden.

  5. I wouldn’t say it’s intimidating probably a foolish word to describe it but it’s much bigger than Tacko Fall, i like it espically just a block away to walk. I do mostly stick with Whole Foods other than that it’s got great options give it time with the construction going on here it will only get bigger and better

  6. Also the Reginas in there was good when I had it, tasted just like Endicott Street (The original Regina before StarMarket ofc!) but you get to just take the handle and just grab Regina slices.

  7. it’s about time, the North End needed a real grocery store, it’s great for last minute dinner or just pick up food the week without the hassle of driving and looking for a parking space…

  8. I think it’s great! Really convenient and easy to get to. They have everything! There are also great selections if you are not in the mood to cook. The people who wotk there are very accommodating.

  9. I love it! We use a shopping cart to pile bags in to roll home when we are doing a bigger trip. There are definitely a few odds and ends that we’ll pick up other places (the selection of some paper goods isn’t great – but they’ll all do in a pinch and I’ve already relied on them), but they have pretty much everything you need and it is super convenient. It is interesting to me that people living in the North End want to drive to grocery shop. City living, friends! Get yourself a rolling cart!

  10. It’s a convenient store but not quite affordable. I buy Hood’s Cottage Cheese at Market Basket for $2.29 and is costs $3.69 at Star Market.

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