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Discarded Needle Safety

The prevalence of discarded needles being found in public spaces in and around the North End is becoming an issue for city residents. In light of a recent incident involving a child who was stuck with a needle, it is important to spread awareness about the dangers of touching or dealing with dirty needles. Should you or someone you know come across discarded or dirty needles, remember the following:

What to do if you find a dirty needle:

  • Stop. Do not go further into the park.
  • Don’t touch the needle.
  • Children who find needles should tell an adult.
  • Call 311.

If you are accidentally stuck by a dirty needle:

  • Wash the area.
  • Seek immediate medical attention.

North End residents are welcome to contact NEW health for more information about this or other similar health and wellness issues. You can also visit our website,

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  1. Do you have guidance about what to talk to kids about at different ages about needles? You don’t want to scare your kids but you need to talk to them about this stuff. Any resources would be appreciated. Thank you for this post.

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