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RUFF Ice Cream Social in the North End Dog Park

The four-legged residents of the North End and their humans cooled off on an incredibly hot day with Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) by enjoying dog-friendly ice cream, provided by Crate Escape in Charlestown, in the North End dog park last week.

Dozens of furry friends gathered in the park, spending an evening of rambunctious fun after filling their tummies with a delicious frozen treat. Old friends caught up while their pups chased after tennis balls, and new residents happened across the happy surprise of free ice cream for their dogs.

“I’m new and I’ve never been here before. This is so cool that they provide this for the local dogs,” said Leslie as her pooch scratched at her legs, begging for more ice cream. But for many, the atmosphere was that of a big family who have known each other for forever.

Maria, RUFF’s secretary, lovingly called out to all of the returning furry friends who frequent the dog group’s events and warmly welcomed the newcomers. Her love for dogs was evident as she lightly teased her energetic poodle and happily fed whichever dog came up to her for the ice cream she clutched throughout the night.

As the night went on, more and more dogs joined the party – or should I say, pawty. The event host excitedly spoke about Crate Escape’s new expected store opening in Cambridge and lamented on how the popular dog daycare was once a boutique that turned daycare out of demand. By the end of the night, the pups and their owners bid farewell and returned home to dream about the next RUFF event that will hit the North End.

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  1. RUFF has exceeded all expectations ! This park is just what dogs and dog owners needed. Why can’t I bring my cat–he’s ‘ruff, tuff’ and ready ! …..oh….dogs only…OK

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