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Police Blotter: Robbery on Hanover Street & Bike Theft

The following are recent incidents reported by Boston Police District A-1 for the North End / Waterfront area.

08/09/19      2:42 a.m.
Victim reports she and two friends were exiting an Uber ride on Hanover Street and were approached by a male and female who appeared to be homeless. At this time, a verbal altercation ensued and the victim was grabbed and thrown down on the sidewalk. The suspects stole the victim’s wristlet wallet containing U.S. currency, passport and bank/credit cards. Suspect fled on foot toward Atlantic Avenue.

Larceny (Bike)
08/15/19         12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Victim reports he locked his red (Bianci) bike to a sign post at Salem St. and Cross St. When he returned a short time later, the bike and sign post were gone.

12 Replies to “Police Blotter: Robbery on Hanover Street & Bike Theft

  1. I saw a male and a woman who were homeless on Saturday night on North Washington Street towards North Station they asked me are you from here ? it could have been those same two who knows ? Hope the lady and two friends are alright.

  2. Gotta watch your back at all times. Some of the population is down on their luck but some are downright dangerous. Desperate people do desperate things.

  3. Pretty interesting scam. Put up a fake bike rack and then go around collecting the rack and the bikes.

  4. There are more Homeless & Junkies combing our streets like never before. There have been more break ins than
    ever before. I guess this is what Prosperity brings in. They are certainly not going to poor neighborhoods.
    Homeless, Junkies, Thieves, whatever, they go where the money is or where they think it is. Safety is a Major
    Priority, more now, than ever before. The North End was always considered a very safe place to live, but I
    don’t feel as safe as I did many years ago.

    1. Joan, years ago there was a notorious bank robber named Willie Sutton. A reporter asked Sutton “why do you Rob banks?”Sutton replied “because that’s where the money is”

    2. How about this. The City should round up all the homeless and junkies, give them a stipend and send them to San Francisco. I’ll be the thieves go with them.

        1. I think they have their own, but it would be good to get rid of. If you want to invite junkies from all around, just open some methodoan clinics.

  5. This reply is in regards to the three young women allegedly exiting an uber and being assaulted and robbed by two ” homeless junkies”. The incident went quite different and my hope is to have the several witnesses come forward to bring the truth to light…there were three very intoxicated women yelling obscenities and kicking over trash barrels for no apparent reason as the trash men were collecting the trash not too far away. The man yelled across the street; ” stop doing that. We live here as u clearly dont and we keep our neighborhood clean!” The women began to cross the street in an aggressive manner stating “we will do whatever the f… We want you junkies” ” what are u going to do about it?” As they made their way to the man and woman one of the women began hitting the man as the female partner was trying to pick up the overturned barrels and debris all over the sidewalks and street. A good Samaritan was helping the female pick up the barrels. The female then saw the male on the ground on his back with the woman on top of him punching and hitting him repeatedly. The female pulled the woman off and told her friends to get her home. Nothing was taken and no crime was committed by the ” homeless junkies”. Sometimes downtrodden people do the right thing especially by their community. I plead with the several onlookers to please step foward as the repercussions for the what some may call ” Good Samaritan’s” are uncalled for and unnecessary….sincerly, someone in the know.

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