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New Exhibit: “Still Standing: 300 Years of the Clough House at Old North”

Old North Church & Historic Site is excited to launch a new exhibit in Patriots Corner Gallery, offering insight on the three hundred year history of the Ebenezer Clough House, a treasured part of our campus, and a building that was erected even before the church itself.

Built circa 1715, the Clough House is one of the oldest domestic structures in the city of Boston and has stood witness to the changes in its surrounding neighborhood over the past 300 years and evolved and adapted to fit different needs at different times and even came close to being demolished in the mid-twentieth century.

In Still Standing: 300 Years of Clough House at Old North, presented in partnership with Historic Boston Incorporated, we’ll consider how this one small plot of land has served generations of Bostonians. The story of the Clough House is the story of the people who’ve called it home; it’s the story of the brick structure itself and its many iterations, and it’s also the story of a changing community. So, this specific tiny building can help us piece together the story of America.

Join us to discover the varied history of the Clough House through this exhibit of documents and records from the Old North Church archives as well as historical photographs and findings from a 2013 archaeological dig. Still Standing helps us understand how migration, technology, and community needs affect and shape our most used spaces and explores how historic preservation both chronicles and supports the evolution of our neighborhoods.

Still Standing: 300 Years of the Clough House at Old North opens Friday August 16, 2019 and will be on view through February of 2020. Admittance to the exhibit is included with your admission to Old North Church & Historic Site. #CloughStillStanding