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Sunday Herald Looks for a North End Potty

The Herald’s Jessica Fargen chimes in regarding the lack of public restrooms in the North End along the tourist-heavy Freedom Trail with a story in the Sunday paper, No Restrooms for the weary in the North End.

“Discontent is growing in the potty-challenged North End as residents and tourists endure summer without a true public restroom in the heart of the bustling North End, home to Old North Church and Old World Italian charm. Since a visitor center with public restrooms that served 850 people a day closed two years ago, merchants say they are besieged with potty-seekers, while Old North Church — a huge tourist draw — provides no relief.”

Closed Hull St. Restrooms/Visitor Center (Photo: Matt Conti)

In September 2010, wrote about the potty situation in a post titled, “Welcome to the Historic North End; Sorry No Public Rest Rooms.” The post soiled about the closing of a Hull Street bathroom facility that previously served over 800 people a day in peak season. The restrooms are still there on Hull Street, but have not been open due to cuts for earmarks in the last two State budgets.

Bathroom facilities are not available at the Old North Church, the historic destination that asks for donations but does not have an entry fee. Also on the Freedom Trail, the Paul Revere House in North Square has plans for restrooms in its ongoing renovation. Visitors pay an entry fee to visit the museum.

The Herald article says that Councilor Sal LaMattina wants to hold a community meeting to install a coin-operated, self-cleaning restroom on the Paul Revere Mall (Prado), similar to the ones located at Langone Park and Christopher Columbus Park.

6 Replies to “Sunday Herald Looks for a North End Potty

  1. I think Sal shout focus on finding some $ to reopen the Hull St visitor center/bathrooms. Donations from local businesses, The Old North Church, etc. should be sought. An ugly Wall pay bathroom like the one at Christopher Columbus Park (which is not in the park but near the Ferry ticket booths) , near the Bocce Courts (tourists could go there) etc is the last thing the Prado needs these days.

  2. I feel we need to install coin-operated, self-cleaning restrooms down at North Station so when the Bruins and Celtics and concert fans leave the Garden they can use them instead of using our doorways and sidewalks as a toilet in our once very quiet and clean neighborhood.

  3. keep it off the prado. the t-shirt guy is polluting the area enough. let the restaurant owners pool together some money to figure something out. if over 100 italian restaurants are located within a few square blocks, you know they are all making money. how about "nick varano's famous potty"? he can put his picture on the toilet paper.

  4. I agree to keep a coin operated potty off the prado – ugly. The vendors there now don't look good, the fence at the front of the prado doesn't look good. A potty would be too much. I think the business community and the city, the groups who benefit from all our tourist traffic, should foot the bill for a solution.

  5. Having a large busy community without available restrooms is a serious drawback for the area. I do not patronize public convenience stores, e.g 7/11, drug store chains, tourist attractions, if they do not provide a restroom.

  6. I didn't realize it was such an issue. Most people I know come to the North End for the restaurants. The restaurants have restrooms.

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