Re-construction Plans Finalized for DeFilippo Playground, the Gassy

The Parks Department provided a final update this week on the playground and other work planned for DeFilippo Park, also known as the Gassy. Elements of the plan are similar to previous meetings, with some minor modifications.

Drainage – The city has cleaned the existing drain lines in the park this Spring and expects that they will now do a much better job at moving water away from the park quickly after a rain event.  To augment the cleaning, as part of the construction project, they will be installing an overflow line in the existing dry well (near 109 Prince Street) and connecting it to the existing catch basin near the existing drinking fountain.  Portions of this line (shown as a dashed line on the plan) will be perforated and will allow for additional infiltration into the ground.  A perforated line is also shown under the porous rubber safety surfacing.  We have created several more opportunities for water to collect in inlets and be directed to drainage structures and infiltration below grade.

Seating – There is a passive seating area to the right of the center entrance with curved benches.  This is fully accessible and replaces the linear benches along the street hockey court fence.  They are relocating those benches to allow room for the new maintenance access at the center entry. (The benches limited the width and prohibited our vehicles from passing). There will be collapsible bollards at each of the maintenance access points.

Lighting – There will be a new spot light on Snow Hill Street, lighting the lower corner of the the Prince Street Level.  In addition, we will be rehabbing the existing lights – replacing bulbs, replacing the yellowing covers, etc – in order to make the lights more efficient.

Tree Pruning Maintenance –  The City’s tree pruning crew is overwhelmed with requests but will eventually be trimming back trees on the flights in order to remove dead branches and lighten the canopy.

Play Equipment – The two options for the play equipment are shown on the image board below.  We will be finalizing the equipment by the end of the week.  The City is leaning more and more towards the post and platform equipment over the freeform shown on the left, but nothing is final yet.  If you have an opinion, see the email link at the bottom of this post.

Other smaller changes under consideration include: replacing the boulder seating in the play area with a curved wood bench, replacing the existing rubber surfacing at the swings, and upgrading the chain link fence at the perimeter of the play area with a metal grid fence.

Parks Department Project Manager, Cathy Baker-Eclipse said, “It’s really wonderful to be able to develop a park with such an active and involved community, and I hope we’ve succeeded in a design that will enhance the park and create an even richer neighborhood.”

The playground re-construction work could begin as soon as of this year. A separately funded project for the wall along Snow Hill Street has already started.

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3 Replies to “Re-construction Plans Finalized for DeFilippo Playground, the Gassy

  1. I couldn't tell from the article but I hope you are not removing the picnic table in the play area. I always see people with children using it for various activities and it would be a shame if they didn't have somewhere to set their snacks, especially with kids. It also keeps the food,etc. in one location as opposed to kids eating & transporting it all over the playground.

  2. Can they please find a way that dog owners do not use the Gassy for their dogs poo? I still say anyone that has a dog they should have to give a sample of the poo and be fined if they do not pick up when they do pick up and put it in the catch basin. Most of the new people do not even know what and where a catch basin is. I blame the landlords that do not tell their tenants these rules. Also, they should not allow pets and if they do they should be under 15 lbs. The city should make a list like they did for the garbage and give it to the landlords so they can give it to their tenants who have pets. I think we need some surveillance cameras also and they will think twice before their dogs poo and leave it. Thanks.

  3. "I still say anyone that has a dog they should have to give a sample of the poo and be fined if they do not pick up when they do pick up and put it in the catch basin."

    Thanks for the best laugh of my day.

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