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Neighborhood Photo: New & Improved North Square

After almost two years of reconstruction, North Square is nearly finished!

With bricks and cobblestone back in place, residents and visitors can now walk freely through the square again. The purpose of this revitalization, defined back in October 2017, was to “improve the ability for people to enjoy the square by developing its identity as a cultural destination and making the space accessible for all.” Now that the space is accessible, the final piece of the project is the four sculptures to be added in the square.

A+J Art & Design presented updates on this artwork to the Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) and Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at their July meetings. The four sculptures, representing the history and culture of North Square, are due to be installed at the beginning of September and will occupy the four empty platforms seen in the photo.

Photo submitted by Dave Goggins.

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14 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: New & Improved North Square

  1. The problem with the reconstruction is that nobody actually realizes you can drive down Moon St. Very frustrating for trying to get deliveries.

  2. I agree with Nate. The elevated reconstruction of Moon St. was a big mistake. It appears as if there is no access. The granite piece that lifts up to Moon St. is awkward and a walking hazard, especially in the winter when covered with ice. I’m sure this can be corrected.

    1. I’m guessing those large granite blocks. No back support or shade, so you can’t stay their long.

  3. More shade trees and greenery was raised at every single public design meeting since Day One of this reconstruction process. Since this was a Public Works project and not Parks Dept., the call for additional landscaping fell on deaf ears. Instead, 10% of the total $2mln budget is being speant on four statues in the name of public art.

    1. I would have to guess that low maintenance was the objective. If you want green, they will slap a coat of paint on it. Otherwise, it will turn green from neglect like the old North Square did.

  4. It’s an improvement from what it once was. My only complaint is the project took longer to complete than the Empire State Bldg. Which was built in 1930

  5. So disappointing. A missed opportunity to create an inviting space. Too bad the requests for more green space fell on deaf ears. Guessing there was not enough budget for a water feature? 2m apparently doesn’t go very far these days. Sad.

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