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North Square Reconstruction Groundbreaking on October 11th

Please join Mayor Martin J. Walsh, the Boston Public Works Department, the Boston Arts Commission, elected officials, and guests for the groundbreaking ceremony of the North Square Reconstruction project on Wednesday October 11th at 10:30am in North Square.

Background on the North Square Reconstruction Project

The Boston Public Works Department will be making site improvements to North Square. The Square is one of Boston’s oldest occupied neighborhoods and is a part of a vibrant community fabric in the North End. A popular tourist destination, North Square features the Paul Revere House and the Freedom Trail, with its 4 million annual visitors. The revitalization of North Square will be founded on the idea of developing an open space with multiple urban uses. The purpose of the project will be to improve the ability for people to enjoy the square. This will be done by developing its identity as a cultural destination and making the space accessible for all. The Square is an important part of the historic fabric of the City and will be approached with due concern for community and stakeholder input and concerns. At completion, North Square will be a livable, walkable, multi modal, green and sustainable square, accommodating all users of this historic space.
Public Art in North Square
In November of 2016 Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a public art project for North Square, a public space located in the North End of Boston.  Working closely with the Public Works Department and the Boston Art Commission, the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture invites artists to submit their proposals for public art to be incorporated in the reconstruction of North Square.
“Boston Creates, the City of Boston’s Cultural Plan, calls for public art that embraces a neighborhood’s identity and adds to a strong sense of place,” said Mayor Walsh. “Incorporating art into public works projects like this helps to showcase the incredible creativity that exists in our city.”
The public art project is part of a larger effort by PWD to revitalize and build on North Square’s identity as a cultural destination. The project will enhance the square by making it livable, walkable, green, sustainable, and accessible to all.
“The North Square public art project will offer the North End community an open space to gather and interact,” said Mayor Walsh. “We look forward to seeing the final project that incorporates community input and enhances the already vibrant character of one of Boston’s most historic neighborhoods.”
The artist team A+J+Art+Design demonstrated their exemplary skill, interest, and vision for the North Square project in their response to the RFP. They will spend the next few months working in coordination with the City and community to develop their initial concept, which considers the nautical ties of the North End as well as the historical and cultural context of the Square.
“The North Square public art project allows us to continue to celebrate the cultural history of the North End, while bringing in a contemporary perspective to this community space,” said Julie Burros, Chief of Arts and Culture for the City of Boston. “It’s one more effort to fulfill the goals of the Boston Creates cultural plan, integrating arts, culture, and creativity into the urban environment.”
“We’re delighted to work with A+J Art+Design, the Boston Art Commission, and the North End community to add a terrific work of art to North Square, ” said Chris Osgood, Chief of Streets for the City of Boston. “We want our streets to not only be well built and well maintained, but also delightful to be on and reflective of the community around them; art helps us deliver on that for the public. “

2 Replies to “North Square Reconstruction Groundbreaking on October 11th

  1. So we are going to “break ground” on an area that was just rebuilt this year? Why? Aren’t there other areas of the north end that need work, like the area behind the skating rink?

    Give the residents and businesses a break. We are already living with water main work and the cycle track. Richmond street has been under some form of construction this whole summer and it’s still not completed. The lovey cement sidewalk (aka giant ashtray) that replaced our brick sidewalk for the cycle track. Isn’t this enough cement? Let’s be careful accessible could mean cement and no benches like we use to have by Sail Loft.

    What a waste of money and annoyance, just when we can all start to open our windows.

    Mayor Walsh, give us a BREAK!!!!

  2. Honestly, when I log on and read blogs, I have grown accustomed to ungrateful, sarcastic and derogatory remarks. Perhaps it’s the mood of the country.

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