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Reader Poll: Which Flood Resiliency Option Do You Support?

Boston’s Climate Ready Downtown and the North End Project team recently gave an update on their plans to protect the neighborhood from flooding due to rising sea levels. Two main options have been identified:

1. Raise the roadway and bike lanes by 5-7 feet.

This has the advantage of being public property so it would be easier to get permitted, but the disadvantage of leaving the entire waterfront unprotected.

2. Build seawalls and organic berms a bit further out from all the current harbor seawalls, but 7+ feet higher.

This has the advantage of protecting the waterfront buildings and providing new open space on the waterfront. The downside is the complexity that would require collaboration with private properties and some views would be impaired.

What do you think? Raise the roadways or build the seawalls? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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