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Reader Poll: Do You Support Seaplanes on Boston Harbor?

Cape Air is proposing a seaplane service that would connect Boston Harbor with New York City.

The total journey would be just over one hour, as opposed to the average four hours it currently takes to travel between these two cities by car or train. The flights would operate only during daytime hours, and would initially consist of two flights a day in each direction. Cape Air had hoped to begin service this summer, but they are still working on a docking site.

While seaplanes would reduce the length of the trip from Boston to New York, some are concerned about an already crowded Boston Harbor. At the May North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting, concerns raised included the disruption of harbor sailing and ferry traffic, as well as noise.

What do you think? Do you support seaplanes on Boston Harbor? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

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4 Replies to “Reader Poll: Do You Support Seaplanes on Boston Harbor?

  1. If someone is going to do it I am glad it is Cape Air. Best skilled group of pilots I ever worked with.

    1. Not the pilots that I would be most concerned about. I believe you. The average weekend boaters should be of greater concern. Some don’t have any awareness of rules on the waterways. Adding a third dimension may be creating a recipe for disaster.

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