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Poll: What is Your Favorite Part of the North End Library?

The following poll will help the Friends of the North End Branch Library (FONEBL) focus their efforts on the needs and wants of the community regarding books, features and events. Select up to 3 answers.


The North End Branch Library is located at 25 Parmenter Street. View to become a “Friend” or find out more about the volunteer group.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments section below.

12 Replies to “Poll: What is Your Favorite Part of the North End Library?

  1. As a caregiver to children and ex-preschool teacher I am very impressed with Miss Jennifer’s excellent way with children & the wonderful story reading time & other programs she provides, She is a huge asset to the library!

  2. I am new to the northend and I love libraries but feel our Northend branch is lacking a great deal for the adult reading. It seems to need a steam clean and the middle area is so lovely but not used or decorated very well. There are very few magazines and no section such as suggested by your library staff. just seems so outdated to me and not a cozy place to go on cold or hot day.

  3. My favorite USED to be the water area! OMG it was so relaxing and what a beautiful sound. Does anyone know why they got rid of that?

    1. I don’t know what water sound you heard, but the circulation pump had been broken for years. When the water became too stagnant the main library would send a crew to pump the water out and replace it. Over the years some children (that were not being carefully watched by their caretakers) attracted by the coins on the bottom fell in. After much discussion and cost review The Friends decided it would be more attractive and safer to replace the non functioning water feature with plants. Peter Greene, secretary emeritus

  4. I love the big tables to read the NYtimes and Globe. WI-Fi for use with lap top.

    However, the library could use some improvements. It could use some periodicals and a selection of current books (other than a complete collection of Danielle Steele). It could use a cleaning to be sure and the outside entrance is often covered in the usual North End trash; remnants from take out.

    I am not sure whose job it is to sweep in front of the library entrance on a daily basis, but to let that stuff just pile up, just invites more trash.

  5. Ms Jennifer is outstanding and is certainly a huge asset to the library and she is probably one of the best children librarian I have ever met!

  6. a hundred years ago, I was the chairman of the young adults council of the north end branch of the boston public library bringing together the high school students of Christopher Columbus and Julie Billiart. What a memory of a long time ago

  7. I have noticed a considerable difference in the library over the last few years. The staff and leadership are very helpful and patron oriented (and that includes Miss Jennifer, of course, and Susan and her entire team). The Friends of the NE Library have made it their mission to continuously improve the library and include any and everyone who want to help or support the library.
    My family loves the NE Library, it is a gem!. Thanks to everyone who make it an enjoyable and welcoming resource.

  8. why did the library give up/or sell the small piece of land that was on the side of the building. Any outdoor space no matter how small can with a few benches and potted plants provide an outdoor area for reading. Unfortunatley(sp) a neighbor recently brought her granddaughter to the library and was shocked to discover her wallet was stolen from her bag.while she was reading to her granddaughter We tend to forget even a local library has problems. As for the children programs Is it possible to a have one children program for local residents and .one children program for the local day care children. My children could not participate in the Aquarium Visit to the library. It was a very frustrating morning. One of the day care teachers was asking all toddlers in her care and those around her to let the younger children go ahead of them. This did not work since most of the children were not taking turns and there was limited supervision. There must be a way that all children can enjoy the programs.

  9. I’m in agreement to many of the comments above. Ms. Jennifer is an amazing librarian and genuinely cares about the children and families in the neighborhood. She has made going to the library so inviting to me and my children. The many children’s programs have been wonderful – the story times, crafts, Lego club, etc. We are so lucky to have such a fabulous library.
    I had heard that the library owns that plot next to it but lets El Panino use it. Does anyone know the story behind that?

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