A disco ball hangs from the pergola in the North End Parks as part of the Greenway Conservancy’s Winter Lights program. Lit in the rear is also the Great Elm Tree. (Photo by Matt Conti)

With 244 total votes, the Greenway Winter Lights poll results decisively show a preference for lighted trees and structures, as well as winter gardens and ice sculptures. Perhaps just as telling, the disco balls received the lowest number of votes, even less than leaving it empty. Read more in Greenway “Winter Lights” Turns to Plight.

Note: This is not a scientific poll. Participants are self-selected readers of NorthEndWaterfront.com.

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  1. It actually looks a lot worse and it’s an insult to the North End. (I mean the disco balls, not the photo – Matt’s photos are a work of art).

    It’s hard to believe that disco balls would even be allowed to be installed without someone saying, “Hey, this is actually disrespectful.”

    Unless this was done as a message to the North End. Be nice to the greenway people or else.

    They should have to get these things approved by the neighborhood groups before they do anything.

  2. Those disco balls are ridiculous! Good point about watching out for this group … they could put up one of those stupid murals like near south station.

  3. 1. They shouldn’t need neighborhood group approval – we all know that won’t lead to any good results.

    2. That mural near south station is far uglier than the disco balls (which are absurd).

    3. string white lights around the trees. it’s simple and looks nice.

    4. if they stick with the disco balls, at least have some vendors selling hot nuts, hot cocoa, and play some music!

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