Community Health & Environment Meetings

Plastic Bag Ban Discussed at Neighborhood Council [Video]

Boston’s new plastic bag ban was discussed at the June 2019 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC). Ian Donnelly, Special Assistant to the Commissioner, Boston Environment Department, spoke to the group about how City is communicating and enforcing the ban across businesses in Boston. To date, the city has not been fining small businesses as the educational process continues. However, Inspectional Services will start enforcing the ban with fines in the coming months.

“I know the ban has not been easy on everyone. The City appreciates your patience with the transition,” said Donnelly.

There are three type of compliant bags, including non-recyclable thicker bags, intended to be reused by consumers. Donnelley suggested using these in-home for multiple uses. CVS and most small shops have switched to this type, including the North End’s Golden Goose market. The other types of bags are recyclable paper bags and compostable bags. Starbucks and Whole Foods are using paper bags.

Donnelly brought handle carrying bags for meeting attendees, courtesy of the City’s Environment Department.