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Festa Nazionale della Repubblica Italiana Celebrated in the North End

The 73rd Anniversary of the Italian Republic was celebrated at the annual Festa Nazionale della Repubblica Italiana on June 2, 2019, held outdoors with a “Piazza Italia” at Christopher Columbus Park. Kicking off the event was Boston’s Italian Consul General Federica Sereni with local dignitaries. The day long festa featured various exhibits, children’s games and Italian treats. Italian music was featured throughout the afternoon. The holiday in Italy is held in commemoration of the day in 1946 when Italians voted in favor of a republic and against the monarchy which had been discredited during World War II. Enjoy these images from photographer Gerri Palladino.

Photos by Gerri Palladino.

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  1. An e-mail was sent to the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park:
    “Was your organization responsible for the vendors at yesterday’s Italian festival? I was extremely disappointed with one of the vendors, the balloon man – racist comments were said in front of my children.”
    She was sent the poster advertising this event and it was suggested she contact one of the organizations listed on there.
    Hoping she gets results

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