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Preview Trailer – Path of the Daff

This is a story about a flower fulfilling its potential, and the people who help it along its journey.

In the wake of the 2013 bombings, Boston blooms again on Patriot’s Day with its newest tradition – the Boston Marathon Daffodils. One man with a camera and an editing system follows one daffodil bulb’s adventure from the soil in the Netherlands, across the Atlantic, into a Massachusetts greenhouse, and onto the finish line of the Boston Marathon. A story of purpose, healing, and love, as told by the people who experience it.

Everything has a journey, says executive producer, Michael Piscitelli.

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Michael Piscitelli, Executive Producer

Having no budget, no crew, and no post is a painful way to create a film, but when you love your family and your hometown, you find a way to make it happen. This is true independent filmmaking.

This journey began with an excited phone call from my brother, Matthew, about people’s positive reactions to something he was involved in called the Boston Marathon Daffodil Project. He asked if I wanted to film a documentary about the flowers – heck, he had the exporter in Holland on board, the project founder would of course be involved, and the greenhouse he grows the daffodils in is open to me, so what was left? And how do you turn down family? Thus began a 2.5 year solo journey telling this little story about flowers, and finding along the way love, support, heartache, and understanding; as well as a deepening respect for my hometown of Boston and the power one tiny flower has.

We could not have accomplished this without the help of a large group of caring people, and every one of the cast who gave their personal time and effort to bring this to life. It also includes people such as Theo Epstein, Bronson Arroyo, the Red Sox/MLB, Neil Diamond, Pulitzer nominated John Tlumacki, NBC, Canadian/Dutch governments, and more. The scrappy team I was able to pull together at certain points put their hearts and souls into this, and I can’t thank them enough. When a person realizes filmmaking is more than money and fame, the ability to give back through our medium becomes the deepest gratification I would wish on everyone. The people who helped complete this understand that, and we are forever grateful to the open hearts who have responded to our little story.

In the end, this is simply my gift to the city I love, and maybe along the way others will find some entertainment, education, and joy through its whimsy.

Executive Producers Michael Piscitelli and Matthew Piscitelli are the sons of longtime North End waterfront resident, Meredith Piscitelli. Their late father, P.J. “Pat” Piscitelli was a well known Massachusetts criminal defense attorney. Both are graduates of Thayer Academy.

Michael is a Boston native and one of the original producers of the hit National Geographic show “Wicked Tuna,” as well as Dick Wolf’s “Nightwatch,” Discovery’s “Fast n Loud” and “American Chopper,” amongst many others. He’s gained interviews with Charles Manson, the Westboro Baptist Church, and Gov Cuomo all while being told it couldn’t happen. He has spent much of the last decade producing reality television on networks such as CBS, NatGeo, Discovery, A&E, and History. From producing theater in his twenties, into a feature film and many shorts, and now back to documentaries and more scripted, Michael enjoys all creative aspects of the entertainment business.

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  1. Quite a journey of a tiny bulb that becomes so meaningful to Bostonians. Let’s hear it for the “Path of the Daff”. Love it !

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