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Reader Poll: How Much Do You Recycle?

The overflowing compost boxes featured in this week’s 311 post certainly imply many North End / Waterfront residents are separating out their food scraps and other compostable items from their trash. How about recycling?

Do you carefully study the chart of items you can and cannot recycle before sorting your garbage? Do you break down and cut up your cardboard into nice 3-foot by 3-foot squares and tie it neatly together? Or are you more of a wish-cycler, tossing items you wish could be recycled into that bin with the hope it’ll somehow get reused?

In a recent column, Monica Collins discussed the complicated trash problems in the North End and Waterfront. Reader comments ranged from hope that all residents take the time to recycle their cardboard, to confessions of not always recycling.

Now’s your chance to anonymously admit it, how much do you recycle? Vote in our poll and add your comments in the section below.

Note: Web polls are unscientific and reflect only those who choose to participate. polls do not have any official significance and are only intended for the interest of our readers.

6 Replies to “Reader Poll: How Much Do You Recycle?

    1. Kind of hope left over foid is thrown out. If you of a place that recycles meals, let us know.

  1. I think most of us recycle, it is to bad that the city does such an terrible job collecting it. Most recycling is ripped apart by those who scavenge our garbage for returnable bottles and what is left over ends up in our rain water drains making its way to the harbor. But again our local politicians blame in it on all of us and continue to restrict the use of plastics claiming their initiative will save the planet. I think it is a bunch of bull if you ask me and we are all treated like little children. To answer Joan of arcs question, local restaurants spend a fortune to have their garbage collected and also spend thousands cleaning sidewalks and adorning our neighborhood with well kept store fronts. For some odd reason the local population wants to blame business for everything that ails our community. I have lived here long enough to know otherwise, our neighborhood has grown and improved in tandem with the local business.

    1. Jorge, I’m not sure you ever got around to answering the question…sounds like you’re saying you recycle at home, but it’s too expensive for your businesses to recycle???

  2. Jorge, Please do not take this personal. I have lived in the No. End for many years & never, ever have I seen clear plastic trash
    bags for recycling outside of any restaurant. All the restaurants do a great job cleaning sidewalks, etc. but all
    the restaurants to my knowledge throw everything in the dark plastic trash bags, glass bottles & trash. I would
    imagine it has to be a big hassle for the restaurants to separate the wine & water bottles from the trash. I get that.

  3. I beieve that I read last summer that a major glass recycler in RI went out of business as there wasn’t enough business in reselling crushed glass. Also have read more recently about municpalities that have stopped glass recycling. Again they can’t find anyone ot take it. Does anyone know what they City of Boston does sith recycled glass?

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