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Boston Harbor Now’s “Waterfront Wednesdays” Episode Three: Where Stuff Comes From

Boston Harbor Now’s Director of Policy Jill Valdes Horwood and Director of Planning Alice Brown host a bi-weekly video blog covering topics related to the harbor. Watch their most recent episode about ships and working ports below.

In this six minute vlog, Horwood and Brown discuss cargo ships and how products move across the oceans. The two explain that Conley Container Terminal in the Seaport is just one part of the working port economy. Large container ships you see in Boston’s inner harbor are actually heading to one of four designated port areas (DPAs) located in the Seaport, East Boston, Chelsea or Everett. These vessels bring important products Massachusetts residents use every day such as liquid natural gas (LNG), road salt and cars. Watch the video above to learn more about the importance of the working ports around Boston Harbor.

Learn more at BostonHarborNow.org and follow our coverage of this video series as more episodes are released by searching the tag: Waterfront Wednesdays.

One Reply to “Boston Harbor Now’s “Waterfront Wednesdays” Episode Three: Where Stuff Comes From

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your four Wednesday mini videos and look forward to future presentations. I’ve passed them along to the 200+ units in our condo building via our proprietary Google group list.

    A ferry thought: the Charlestown/Long Wharf ferry would provide a fantastic service if it were to add 2-3 hours/7 nights a week. Demand would likely grow as word spread that Navy Yard and Ctown residents could easily go out to eat in the N End, attend the Symphony, go to a Red Sox game etc by ferry/Aquarium T/ferry back again. Especially now that the North Washington St/Ctown bridge is under major construction and will be for approximately five years. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have reliable evening ferry service into town AND BACK AGAIN? 🛥😊

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