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Residents’ Association Committee Reports and ZLC Updates

The North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) held its December 2018 meeting on December 13, starting with a series of committee reports. Watch the video above and follow along with this timeline.

(00:32) NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco opened the meeting with a thank you to everyone who helped with the annual NEWRA party held at the Pilot House last month. Delgreco then introduced Sarah Boole, NEWRA’s new digital engagement editor. Sarah will be managing NEWRA’s social media, MailChimp emails and website. If you have ideas of things you would like to see posted, send them to info@newra.org.

(1:34) Tom Schiavoni made an announcement about recent thefts at Saint Leonard Church and Sacred Heart Church. Schiavoni stated these acts have been carried out by the same individual, who now has 23 charges pending for breaking in to neighborhood churches throughout the City. Letters from North End residents asking for a stay-away order as well as an ankle monitoring device for this person are being collected by Fr. Antonio at St. Leonard’s Parish Office (320 Hanover Street). A packet of these letters will be presented on January 18 to the District Attorney’s office.

(4:06) Victor Brogna presented the ZLC report. There was no ZLC meeting this month as there are no new requests to build in violation of zoning. There are two dormant items – 97 Salem Street from the April ZLC agenda and 20 Moon Street from the May ZLC agenda. There were abutter concerns for both items and the proponents have not requested a ZLC vote.

Brogna also discussed two other items, the first being the Charter Realty property on Cross Street (5:54). Citizens Bank was given their permits to install a bank and ATM at this location at the December Board of Appeals meeting. NEWRA voted in opposition Citizens Bank, although Brogna believes this was more because of dissatisfaction with the developer than with the bank.

The second item is City Smoke Shop, which recently opened at 87 Salem Street (7:23). Community members have expressed concerns that, although you must be 21 to enter the shop, individuals under 21 will somehow acquire these products. The shop did not have to come before NEWRA because the sale of tobacco products in the Salem Street shopping subdistrict is allowed by zoning. Brogna suggested it is time to narrow the definition of tobacco products. He would like to meet with the Boston Public Health Commission on this issue and invites anyone to join him (email zlc@newra.org if interested).

(9:47) NEWRA Treasurer Sue Benveniste gave a financial update. NEWRA had a $3,995 revenue for 2018, $1,255 of which came from donations (not including donations for the NEWRA party). It’s membership renewal time! Membership is $20 per person. You can mail a check to NEWRA at PO Box #130319, Boston, MA 02113, or pay by cash or check at a NEWRA meeting. You can also pay via PayPal on the NEWRA website.

(11:04) Cheryl Delgreco read a statement from Robyn Reed regarding the Boston Harbor Pop-Up Museum at 226 Causeway Street. The Save the Harbor / Save the Bay Pop-Up features art from seven local artists. They held a successful opening event earlier this month and the gallery is now open daily from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment (info@savetheharbor.org).