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Community Meeting on the Northern Ave Bridge — November 28th

The Old Northern Avenue Bridge formerly connected Downtown and the Greenway to the Seaport District

Community Meeting on the Northern Ave Bridge

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
6:00 PM Open House & 6:30 PM Presentation

District Hall, Assembly Room
75 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

Built in 1908, today’s Northern Avenue Bridge was in service for over a century, before it was closed in 2014. The City of Boston will be reconstructing this iconic span, reimagining it to improve mobility, honor history, strengthen resiliency and create a new destination along Boston’s shore. The City has convened a Mayoral Advisory Task Force to assist in designing and programming the new bridge. The City invites you to lend your voice and help build a bridge that meets the needs of Boston’s next century.

The meeting will begin with an open house where participants can view project materials, learn more about the current bridge’s structural analysis, mobility evaluation, placemaking and design process, and speak with members of the Project Team. The presentation will begin at 6:30 PM, followed by time for Q+A.

To learn more about the Northern Avenue Bridge project, you can visit the project website: www.boston.gov/northern-ave. Questions or comments? Email us at Team@NorthernAveBridgeBos.com.

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  1. What were the results of the design completion in 2016-17?
    Have any of the highly praised conceptual designs been tabbed as scoping tools to this new initiative??

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