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New Nazzaro Center Director Steven Siciliano Speaks at Neighborhood Council Meeting

New Nazzaro Center Director Steven Siciliano introduced himself and spoke about his vision for the Center at the October Neighborhood Council meeting. He will take on the position previously held by Carl Ameno who retired earlier in the year. Steven is currently the Chief Probation Officer in South Boston District Court and will be transitioning to Nazzaro Center Director full-time in the coming weeks.

Steven spoke about some of the things he’d like to do as director including expanding daycare-type centers, services for seniors, substance abuse education and prevention, career / resume building and job skills. He expressed excitement about the ongoing study for a new community center to be built in the next 3-5 years that will would allow for more space and resources for these types of programs.

Sean Hennessey from the Council shared his excitement about Steven’s ideas and energy, saying Steven will be a great steward of leadership for the new Center.

John Pregmon and Steven also shared details about the fall basketball leagues. Steven brought registration forms for the Knights basketball league, available at the Nazzaro Center.

There is an in-house basketball league that plays on Thursday nights and all-day Saturdays. Games will start the second Saturday in November. There will also be an instructional league for five and six year olds. If you’re interested in coaching / volunteering with this league, you must complete a CORI check.

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